Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Invisibaby's hope chest

I haven't added much to the green, medium sized box that is Invisibabys hope chest. I had actual existing children that I spent my crafting time on, compliments birthdays and holidays.

I did score a boppy nursing pillow with cover for $1.50 at a second hand shop. I also bought a cute pink puff quilt but I abandoned it to my friends dogs after deciding all that pink was a bit presumptuous.

Its tax time and with the impending cash flow in the form of a return comes the flow of my TTC anxiety.

I have yet to have my first IUI (having spent all the money i saved on a herd of goats). Now that money is once again no longer and issue the fear is creeping its way back into my head.

I'm plagued by thoughts like ' what if it doesn't work' and ' what if lover loses the job'. .... WHAT IF THERE'S A ZOMBIE ATTACK!!' No, seriously....... I think about that crap.

I decided to dust off my needles and bring out some Invisibaby projects that I'd started previously and never finished. Suddenly all became right in my world. Fear And anxiety have been exiled to the back of my brain so visions of a very pregnant me ,milking goats and gathering duck eggs, could take their place.

I see myself wiping sweat from brow with the back of my hand, dutifully and lovingly hand stitching baby things on my back porch in the sweltering desert heat.

I know. Total nut job right?! Well, you.ask.anyone who knows me ( and some that don't). You'd be hard pressed to find someone who disagreed.

Breathing deeply..... in with love
Exhale...... out with anxiety fear negativity And zombies
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  1. I'm so glad you're back to posting! Don't worry about things like that, just puts out bad energies that bounce back. All you need to be doing is envisioning that little bundle in your arms!