Thursday, February 10, 2011

I dont like Thursdays

Thursdays suck...

One wouldn't think that something as inocuous as trash day would throw a wrench in my gears but it does. My mornings are quite busy so the extra 10 to 15 minutes it takes to put out the trash cans throws off my whole.schedule.

Please bare in mind I don't live in a track neighborhood where myself or Lover can just put our cans out on the way to the car. Lover goes early on Thursday's so can't really help out.for the same reason we can't put them out the night before.
So I end up rushing to drag our 4 32gal cans the 400 or so feet to our ' curb'.

I usually end up going to the laundromat on Thursdays as well, that coincides with the paychecks. All the animals have to be fed ( and soon milked) before 8 am because living in the desert it will be too hot after 8 am for most of the year.

Stupid trash day.....

I can move laundry day to Monday if I remember to save money to go. But this week I didnt. Maybe I'll go tomorrow Instead.

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