Monday, February 7, 2011

Brave's New Backpack

It lasted almost two years, that cute little green Dino pack. It held its own throughout brotherly tugs of war. It survived pummeling via washing machine. The little printed dinosaur face remained smiling day after day. But alas, the little backpack that could,couldn't.

The little hook loop worn thin and fraying finally gave way. The lime green exterior was mottled with blotches of who knows what that refused to be removed. And finally the last thing to go was the trusty zipper.

I'd hand sewed the hook loop back on several times. Scrubbed stubborn stains. The zipper however was a foe I couldn't make amends with. The little Dino backpack had died.

It did however find in the goodness of its heart the will to sacrifice its little straps so that Brave could have a new backpack. And with that new backpack Brave would carry along a little bit of Dino backpack so that their friendship may continue on through the school year and many school years to come. That is, until Froggy backpack meets the same ill fated end.
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