Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Designing the Perfect Diaper Bag!

With brave, we went through several diaper bag. Then when Mace came along, we added a couple more. They were all good bags, but not for the same thing. We had the GIANt diaper bag with only one small pocket. Thats the bag we started with, it it was just crap all the way around. Nxt bag, a little bit smaller but with lots of pockets. Good bag, but ugly, ugly, UGLY!! Then I made a couple more bags that doubled as diaper bag/purse, they were okay, but I could never find what I wanted because the bag was too deep.

Well, I can't make too many outfits for invisibaby because of the weather thing. A baby only needs to many bibs, so I think i'm played out on that craft. Whats left? diapers and of course, diaper bags. I saved all of the wool covers from my boys, they could use a little revamping though.

So what does 'the perfect' diaper bag have?

A large outer pocket for 'purse stuff' to avoid the need to carry two bags. A smaller, easily accessable pouch for cellphone. Maybe two compartments inside? once for small things like creams and such and one for wipe containers? I had an idea to make sort of an adapted messenger bag. There is a flikr group all about diaper bags and they have some cute stuff. Now I just need to decided what to do...

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