Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Keeping up with the (parenting) Jones's

Its not me, keeping up with those parents. It requires a huuuuuge amount of effort that I am really just too lazy to put out. Does the world really need another Mama Blog? Another woman telling us how everything is perfect in Mommy Land if you just do things Her way? No. We don't need that. Thats fine if you're anti-vaxing, co-sleeping, breastfeeding, no spanking mama. I think its great actually. However, when we mamas start chastizing each other for not doing things exactly OUR way, we've lost something. We've lost perspective on what makes being a mama so grand. We've lost what so many generations of women before us fought for us to have: Freedom from the social mores of our time, individuality, strength to do what we feel is right, instead of what the masses are telling us is right.

I'm tired of the 'Perfect in Mama Land' blogs. They make me feel as if i'm doing something wrong. Are those mamas too busy trying to keep up with the parenting jones's to blog about the tantrum their kid through in the grocery store? Or how they cringe when their kid asks for yest again, a cup of water? Or how it can be soooo dreadfully boring being a SAHM sometimes?

I'm NOT doing anything wrong, and i'm not afraid if other moms think i'm a bad parent because I put my kids in their room with a baby gate at least an hour a day so I can get a break.
Or the fact that my son recognizes the Jack in The Box sign and asks to stop and eat when we pass one.

If my son puts his hand on the stove twice after i've told him not to and why, its getting swatted the third time, and I don't have a problem with that. It DOES NOT make me abusive. (anyone who feels otherwise should spend some time talking to people who were actually abused, they'll feel like an idiot).

My kids aren't circumsized. It was a choice that was right for us. Their vax are toggled and stretched out, but they are vaccinated partially. I let them eat candy and fast food. We co-sleep. They have hand made toys, a play kitchen and dolls even though they're boys. They get organic fruits and vegis. We don't have cable or t.v reception so they watch the movies of my choice , which includes Care Bears and Dragon Tales every morning so I can drink my coffee in peace.

This is Me. I like it, you don't have to. Thats what being a Strong Opinionated Mama is all about. Let Freedom Ring and deal.


  1. I promise to never EVER tell you how perfect things are in my house...and if I ever do...you will KNOW I am lying! xoxox

  2. Sing it, sister! Just my kind of mama!

    Let's talk tattoos and doula/midwife stuff sometime, shall we?


  3. We absolutely can talk it up, anytime!!