Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Why Parenting Special Needs Kids Can Sometimes Really Suck

Brave let the dogs out....again.. We live in a rural area surrounded by about 50 acres of nothing but cactus....and highway. I've told him many times he can't let the dogs out, but he does it every chance he gets. He'll also wander out the front door whenever he feels like it. He can open locks so those didn't help. We can put a chain on the front door, but not on the slider. We had those top twist locks and a plank of wood inteh door, but he quickly realized he can move the wood and if he yanks on the door hard enough, the twist lock at the top pops off. I was right there with him when he opened the back gate and let the dogs out into the wilderness, I just couldn't get to him in time. And yelling 'NO' or 'STOP!' doesn't work when you have achild with a 30 second reaction time. By the time the idea registers, its too late (this inlcudes runing into the street, putting his hands on the hot eyes of the stove (its electric) going into the fridge, etc. Mace busted all the baby locks before I could say "Damnit!!" so those were of no help either.
So while i'm confident my two big dogs will find their way back home, i'm not too sure about my 10 inch tall pekingese, who you can't even see because she is shorter than the weeds and brush...my head hurts...


  1. I am happy to report that all dogs have come home safe and sound, thank goodness!!

  2. Just found your blog! I'm happy to hear the dogs came back!!