Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Trailer trash at heart

Have I mentioned my love for vintage travel trailers? Probably....but if not this post is looking over due.

I'd say my affinity for the bubbly RVs of days gone by boarders on obsession.  I've even tried ( and so far failed) to convince Lover to allow me several for the property.  I need one for a studio space. One for a guest room.. it would be nice to have one for a dairy ( Instead of having to lug ice, milk, eggs to the house to wash and store I could do it all over by the livestock yard...its logical... it is!).

Our home is small. And while I understand pioneers lived in 800sf and less, it isn't the turn of the century and I need to be able to hide from the kids some times!

I even have a fantasy of building a courtyard completely surrounded by tin hams. I think it would be grand. Lover I of the opinion we'd epitomize trailer trash. I have an education and all of my teeth so really, I'm down with the label!

We had one we bought as a restoration project that we never got around to so we sold it. I think I'll just save up and buy a completed restoration.

I know what your wondering. Why not just build a barn/creamery? Add a third bedroom or a tiny shed to the back yard? The simple answer? Economics.

Each of those things would require careful planning, building permits, and a certain amount.of permanence.

If its on wheels it can be moved wherever I want it, including taking it with is should we move ( or go camping!).

Here are some fabulous rvs and travel trailers courtesy of Google search. I've only posted the ones I couldn't find owners to because I'm lazy and dent want to email everyone asking for permission.  With that being said NONE of these images are mine.

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