Friday, January 6, 2012

Cardboard boxes

<p>Yesterday,&nbsp; on my hobby farm blog, i wrote a post about reusing our empty moving boxes as raised garden beds for my kids.</p>
<p>The same child that inspired that post asked me to make him a " car box ". After a quick Google search I was bombarded with a massive amount of ideas. There are whole websites dedicated to the turning of cardboard boxes into playthings.</p>
<p>So after a little mama time ( aka reading in The tub) we are going to make some cars and a gas pump for him and his brother to play with. My boys got some cool puppets from Auntie for Xmas so I believe a puppet theater is in order... I'm now slightly bummed because I just smashed and trashed a perfectly good box this morning. It would have made a great gas pump.</p>
<p>I'll post pics later. In the mean time here is a great link

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