Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why i blog

Yesterday I spent a good amount Of time searching for blogs of a specific nature. I didn't find many.  I changed things up a bit. I began searching for something similar. In this instance,  urban farms and micro farms. I did get a lot of hit. Unfortunately the majority of them hadn't been updated in 6 months or more.

It left me wondering. Did these ambitious farming bloggers give up.when things got too difficult? Are they thriving and are soooooo busy they no longer have time to blog? Did they DIE!?!

It was very unsettling.  However there was an upside. It rekindled my passion in wanting to DO for my family. I don't want to be lumped in with the "bloggers that time forgot" , or worse yet, " the bloggers that just gave up".

I dont blog to make money ( though that would be awesome). I don't blog to keep up with the Joneses. For the most part, I blog because I never lack for something to say ( now whether or not anyone cares to listen is something else entirely! ).

I blog because I get bored. I blog because every now and again I get a good idea. I blog because I require a an output and I enjoy a sense of community,  especially now that I live so remotely and my friends and family are hours away.

So that's why I blog. And that's why I wont give up on my blogs. They are here for me. Not for the searching masses stumbling through cyberspace ( of which I, myself, am guilty of).

They're here so I can look back and say I made it. Or I failed only to get back up, dust off my knees and continued on. And of course the memories of all the amusing blogworthy things my kids do.

Why do you blog?

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