Monday, December 5, 2011

I have knitting ADD.

<p>I have ten projects to complete before Xmas.10. Well what's the problem you say? Get on it! The problem is I just can decide where to start. I think I'm actually at the point where I have to make a list and scratch things off as they're finished.

Every Xmas I make the boys a plushier of some sort. I've gotten on finished. I Need I make another. I W's going to knit an elephant but I fear there's no time. Then I found a cute horse pattern. time to knit it! Crap!
My goal for today..... START A PLUSHIE FOR MY KID.

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  1. I, too have the knitting ADD. Those Bella mitts aren't helping anything. I even have the appropriate yarn in my stash! It's even the right amount! But I must finish my MIL sweater. Semi-boo.