Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Changing up my xmas gift plans

So originally I was going to make felt Ponyo dolls for the boys ( fishy version) and stick them in little green pails for their stockings. Now, however, at this very moment...6 am.... I've decided Mace gets a Pippi Longstocking instead. Mace has had this obsession with pirates for quite awhile now and I do believe it stemmed from his introduction to my childhood hero Pippi.  Since unpacking the DVDs two days ago, we've watching the freckle faced red haired girl at least 6 times... including now. At this very moment. At 6:10.

I would love to knit one up but Time is of the essense and all that... plus I don't have any flesh toned yarn . I need to fiddle with my sewing machine some more. For some reason the tension just wont stay right. It needs to be serviced again, I know. ( something I should have done last month but it was in the very back of the shed after we moved).  I'll Post progress pics later!

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