Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fantasy knits from fantasy films

Even before the little's entered my life, children's fantasy films has always been my favorite genre ( followed closely by horror.weird. I know.).

If you've never seen Nanny McGee, you should! The oldest son Simon where's this awesome teal sweater. I love it. I searched high and low for the pattern to no avail. Luckily for me, it looks to be pretty simple wither alternating rows of garter and seed stictch. My knitting experience has evolved enough where I can probably do a decent job of a hack.

I'm also a huge Harry Potter fan-bizarre since I've yet to read the books! Talk about amazing knitting. They need to make a revised pattern book for that one to include the later films.

There is a knitting pattern book for nerds coming g out next year. I'm sure I'll love everything in there.

What is it about yarn crafts that makes everything seem so much more magical and fantastic?

Knitting and colorful quilts. They just make my heart soar and my mind fly with the unicorns.

Can you recommend any other great knit flicks?

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