Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cabbage patch love

Okay. I seriously have a thing for round eyed smiling faced doll with tagging on its rear.

I remember my very first cabbage patch doll. They were being sold at save-ons ( sort of like a Walgreens ). It was near Christmas and the hand an encapsulated full of the chubby dolls in their yellow boxes with green stripes. I ran over to the shelf and grabbed one. We were kitchen d of poor though so I had to put my little girl back. She had big fat red yarn pony tails. Imagine my surprise when she turned up at my place some time later!!

The next in I got was a "cornsilk " doll. They had " real" hair that could be brushed.  It was long and blonde and I loved her.

Whenever I see an older cabbage patch doll at the thriftsore I feel a strong desire to rescue it. I buy it,  clean it, and make it new clothes. Needless to say my kids have a growing collection of CPKs.

None were new however until this year. His name is Houston Beau. Mace has been feeding him and singing him lullabies.  I'm getting that itch. Must...add....more....

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