Tuesday, May 17, 2011

oops.... didnt i say i wouldnt do this?

Today I did two things I told myself I wouldn't. One-on-one I bought another knitting book. Two- I paid full price for that book ( blasphemous ! !)

In my defense, its not actually a pattern book, but a book of stitches. So in the long run, I'm saving money. I can use the same patterns from the books I already own, and change up the design by altering the stitches used. See?

With new books comes new inspiration, thus a need for new yarn. Its not my fault. I didn't right the rules! And any knitter will agree. Just go ask one. So...... yarn shopping anyone?
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  1. Um, yarn shop closing in Redlands? It's 35% off this week. That should make up for paying full price for the book.

  2. Oh Raime, I like the way you think!