Friday, April 22, 2011

a welcomed distraction.. the leaf pattern baby hat

Since I finished another previously started project and only have 2 unfinished ( one of which will be completed by next weekend) I figured it was okay if I started a new project.

My mind is currently a mess, and not of the creative chaos sort that it usually is. Yesterday we put an offer on a house. 4 days ago we were talking about what a pain our current rental situation is and yesterday BAM! An offer was made. Oh my word. I half hope the offer is rejected because moving a whole hobby farm is a daunting task at best. And the house is mostly gutted.

2 or 3 years ago a gutted house would Have been a dream come true. Built it up the way I want with all the jar stuff already completed ( wiring, plumbing, code checks, permits, septic etc). Now? I just don't know if I can hang! Plus my pumpkins wont be mature yet and I'll have to watch them die. Again. Just like last time.

So enter the leaf baby hat. Loslts of counting and keeping track to distract my brain from the multitude of negative. Thoughts and " what ifs". I know I could just focus on the positive, but it would be too dissapointing and depressing having gone through this 3 TIMES already since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago ( Lover is fickle ).

So here's to knitting my blues, stress and future grey hairs away.

Cheers. ::::: toasts invisible microbrew that I wish I had even though its only 10 am::::::
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