Wednesday, April 20, 2011

why gardeners and prospective gardeners should never trash jugs

I love milk jugs. * love them*. While a bit unsightly perhaps, they are about as utilitarian as a disposable thing can be. While there are dozens of uses for them, My two favorite uses are organizing kid crap and gardening. Even the smallest apartment has room for a vertical window garden! Other than planting IN them I've also planted UNDER them. They make cool little mini green houses and windblocks for those freshly transplanted seedlings. For a windbreaker I cut off the bottom and about 2 or 3 inches down from the top to essentially create a tapered tube. As a planter I just cut a large hole in the side, leaving the handle attached, and pole several holes in the bottom. The handles make them easier to move or hang if you're going vertical.

Plants That do well in milk jug planters ( from my own experience) lots of herbs like catnip, basil, spearmint, and rosemary ( though Rosemary will have to be split or transplanted fairly quickly). I've also grown kale, radishes, carrots ( in the tall water jugs. Makes for easy harvesting), swiss chard, tomatillos, and bell peppers. Go try it! Its a great kids project to boot! Never experience guilt again.

P.s I didn't take the picture of Dr. Ebenezer, of some church somewhere, I found it online. :-)
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