Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cable Surgery

I I know I said I'd take a break from Knitting but.... you see, for the past three hours I've been weeding and replanting and shoveling horse shit so I decided I needed a break.during said break, thought " hey, I might as well just see about correcting the cable problem". It made sense.
So I did it somewhat successfully. The only problem is when I got back to my needles I should have been on row 5 in the cable, which didn't match up. So I went to row 7. Also didn't match up. Then I tried row 3 and it fit ( even rows are knitting and purling but not cabling hence the number skipping). While I may now have a section of cable a wee bit longer than it should be, and whole it isn't as neat as it was before I fixed the cable direction, the fact that I did it without frogging several gourds worth of work makes it all worth it. And while I hope This isn't a skill I have to use often whenever I see the slightly elongated cable I will smile to myself and see it as a badge of courage ( that Invisibaby will wear every damn night).
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