Thursday, March 17, 2011

its getting close! Baby dust dreams revisited

I've had two uterine ultrasound appointments. Both of which were rescheduled ( AFTER. I paid the babysitter anddrove all the way to the clinic with a bursting bladder). My third attempt at getting my ultrasound is tomorrow. Hopefully they don't screw this one up! However, all of my other tests came back great today so as long as the ultrasound goes well tomorrow we'll be registering with the sperm bank at the end of the month. I hope to have my first ICI in May! The year. Just FLEW by! It will be one year in May since I told Lover I wanted to try to get pregnant " next year ". Its amazing I tell ya!

So I've started in with the making of baby things again to keep my hopes up, plus it seems everyone I know is pregnant right now.

I said I'd take a knitting break which lasted all of...12 hours? I started seed stitch and cable baby hat by Debbie Bliss yesterday. Man ,I love me some Debbie Bliss. But arms ,they are a-achin' so I think I'm going to put said hat away and make some boppy covers instead.

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