Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Knitting Vacation

Nope. Not in the good way. I'm taking a break! I have 5 projects in needles right now. Two could be finished up rather quickly. One is short two skeins of yarn which I need to find and purchase. Yet another is a rather lengthy affair and will take wee bit of time. Lastly. The latest project, a seed stitched and lattice cable infant sleep sack. This is the project that has me taking a break. You see, several rows back I crossed a cable the wrong direction ( twice actually but I'm letting the first one slide). So I straddled my stitches on my needles and tore out stitches down to the offending error.

The I staired at it. And I stairwell at it some more. I knew that the steps I'd taken were the correct ones, but wasn't actually sure what to do next. So I did what any self respecting advanced beginner knitologist would do- I Googled it.

I did find what I was looking for but at present don't have the patience or the ovaries to attempt This repair.

My right wrist is involved in sort of a bazaar love triangle with yarn and string, resulting in a slightly painful ache when I knit It has been protesting my knitting excursion to ' knit world's and is requesting a short reprieve.

Out of respect for my right wrist and the desire to cling as much as possible to my sanity I have decided to embark on my vacation from knitting.until Friday night.when my knitting group is coming over.

I guess I should utilize this time to get caught up on chores and finish reading this novel I've been chipping away at!
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