Thursday, February 10, 2011

country crafting and weekend musts

I realize that there are only 3 days left in this week, but there are certain things I must complete:

A. Make two more hay bag feeders for the goats. They seem to do pretty well with them. The wastage is less And it takes them longer to eat. What does end up on the ground goes to the worm bin and if not soiled, the rabbits.
B. Speaking of rabbits I need to move their cage into the studio. The spring winds have picked up and I don't want any respiratory infections floating about. Because I don't have a wire grate in my cage I have to clean them out often. Which brings me to....

C. Buy wire to add grate in the rabbit cage( which is actually a three tier bird cage that I traded for a goat. Not nearly big enough breeding stock but it will make a fine grow out cage once I get an actual rabbit set up going)
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