Thursday, October 7, 2010

Whip UP Wednesday- A day Late

This is the cocktail dress I whipped up yesterday to wear to an engagement party in Sunday. If my feet look terrible, its because i'm wearing the dress over a pair of flaired jeans and tennis shoes (which I WON"T be wearing to the party. My dilema is, I re-read the invite and its supposed to be casual dress. Should I wear it anyway? Or hack off about 16 inches and wear it as a strapless top over jeans with a white shrug?
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  1. ugh. Talent, a beautiful dress,and beauty! So jealous. It came out fab!

  2. It's gorgeous. It would look super cute with some leggings if you did make it shorter and IF you are a leggings girl. :) I'd say pass on the shrug, it'd take away from how gorgeous the decollete. JMO though!