Friday, October 8, 2010

Diapers and Coodies and Neglectful Parenting

NOTE TO SELF: *Never* get all cocky and brag about being the only person in the family avoiding illness. It will sneak up and bite you in the ass Every.Single.Time.

B's birthday is in 12 days (holy crap!). DId I finish knitting his sweater yet? No.  Why?  Because I spent most of my free time making cloth diapers for the child I don't have. I am certifiably a nut job. I am actually diaper OBSESSED. Constantly making diapers, altering patterns, trying to create new and better patterns  (which, BTW, I feel I have succeeded in- MUAHAHAHAHAH).

I have a pretty gnarly headache so I can't read like I want to. I could go lay on the couch with my yarn, a movie i've seen one to many times and a roll of toilet paper and some flannel squares for my constantly running nose  (tissues? Phsssh.. I'd go through a box of tissues every day- no thanks).

Am I doing that though?  Nope. Kids are asleep. I shoudl be capitolizing on the quitness that is my house. I should take some damned tylenol and read that chapter on breech births  (goats not humans). What do I do? I BLOG about cloth diapers. Such a dork.. Okay-  I'm done now. I'm going to go finish B's sweater while watchinh. . . Willow.

-And to all a good night

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