Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The pitter patter of little........hooves?

I managed to convince Lover that I would make an excellent goat farmer. Translation? I'm getting Nigerian Dwarf milking goats in the spring along with some new chickens. NDs have a high yield of milk, which is also high in milk fat. It makes great cheeses, soaps and lotions. Not to mention lots of little terds for manure/composting and weed abatement. Just handy and cute all the way around. These little fellas are a bit pricey though. I can get a nubian for about 1/2 the cost of the nigerians. Why nigerians then? SIZE. They are no bigger than a medium sized dog and can be kept in smaller areas. They also have incredible sweet dispositions. I love them. With lots of hard work, luck and $$$, by this time next year I'll be knocked up and having my first kidding season. Fingers Are Crossed.


  1. I hope your plans for goat-raising all come true in a happy and productive way, and that you will post about them so that I may enjoy them vicariously. (in other words, she really really loves goats!)

  2. Goooooooooooooaaaaaaaats! I'm so excited! NDG's are so awesome and sweet and loving! The best! And it'll be really cool all the stuff you can make! I'm so excited for you!