Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bibs for invisibaby!!!

I was on a roll today. I made a couple bibs as gifts for someone. They turned out sooooo damned cute, I decided to make a couple more. Granted, the ones I made for gifts are *nothing* like the ones I made for myself. The ones I made for Invisibaby were from fabric scraps left over from other projects. The peach knitone int he middle I actually made a couple weeks ago wilst learning a new stitch pattern. The one on the lef tos actually navy blue, not black and the one on the right has one of those pockets that catch the falling stuff (the green fabric w/ mushroom on it). I almost went out to the studio to make several more because they're so quick and fun (and they use up my fabric scrapes I can't seem to part with) but then I though "how many bibs does one actually need?" I already have a few that I made in the past. So- I didn't make any more bibs. I did bring in fabric to wash and cut to make prefolds and wipes. Now those you can never have too many of!!

Here's to Invisibaby!! May it come eventually and not let all my hard work go to waste!!

(P.S, not knocked up yet, TTC in 2011)
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