Wednesday, June 2, 2010

baby on the brain

If you could read my thoughts, look into my head, this is what you would see : Wow- I need to wash the dishes. I want a baby. I really need to rent a carpet shampooer.I want a baby. I think maybe i'll go study. now I reeeeaaally want a baby. I think i'll start a new knit project. i'll make baby booties, and perhaps a matching bib and hat. MACE!! GET OFF THE BACK OF THE COUCH BEFORE YOU FALL AND BREAK SOMETHING!! why do I want another baby?. Awwww, how cute!! I need a baby.

I know. Sick , right? So i'm still sewing this and knitting that and my $$$ saving efforts aren't going too well. So at this rate, i'll have enough money to at least walk in the damned door and get one shot of IUI baby juice by... oh...... January, hopefully?
Save. Save.Save...

At least i'm not the only nutter out there. Okay. I really should go wash the dishes now before lover gets home. i want a baby.

1 comment:

  1. I always want a baby, then I remember that they don't stay babies!!!