Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Kids are going to be fat

You should feel sorry for my boys... I do. I have NO willpower when it comes to certain things, like cupcakes,brownies, other such delectible morsels of heavenly I don't by them. Lover ont he other hand, has the same weakness, but chooses to regulary stock our pantry with cellophane wrapped diabetes and tooth decay in pastel colored wrappers. I eat and I eat.. I bitch, because my hips are growing. I pawn off most of whats left to my kids befor sinking the sinful tempters into the garbage can. To avoid the Wrath that is Lover without said junk foodiness, I usually make up a wonderfully believable fable like "The jumped up on the counter and ate it" or Mace was in the fridge again.." All believable, all pausible, but none of them the truth.

While my kids are filled with adoration and love, thinking i'm treating them for being the good little boys that they are (sometimes), the truth is mama has to get rid of it somehow, and so there little mouths win out. I am a terrible mother. Terrible.

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