Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You say 'Ugly shipping container', I say 'Home sweet home'

Shipping containers are indeed an eyesore, which is why its about damned time someone found a way to repurpose the millions of containers cluttering up plots of land up and down our ports. They can be dressed up to look like traditional homes (think ranch style or rambler), or they can be made to look like those sleek modern prefab homes that are a gazillion dollars. This shipping container idea is the only alternative building I could convince Lover to jump on board with, and here is why: they are very quick to complete, they can be made mobile and they're cheap.

But your land is in the desert, won't you be melting?
-simply put? NO. One can purchase an insulated shipping container for a couple hundred dollars morew, which offer the same R-value of a strawbale home (30-35), a popular desert dwelling. Oh and lest not forget about white roofing , shade structures and AIR CONDITIONING

But what about the toxic floor boards, you say?
-Most containers prepped for homes have had the floors removed. The older ones have already outgassed many of the toxins. should one still decided to keep said floors, they are sealed and cover with other types of actual flooring like tile, carpet, laminated wood, bamboo, etc. I'm leaning towards bamboo myself.

And building codes? What about them , huh!?!?!HUH!?!?!
-well, you could say SHOVE IT and go sans permits-BUT- there has recently been laws passed to help get shipping container homes approves. The regulations are similar to those issued to 'mobile homes'. There are also ways to get around code. A. Buy where codes are not readily enforced and be nice to your neighbors B. buy where there ARE NO building codes, which is becoming increasingly difficult, and C. keep the damn things on wheels, then they are considered mobile recreational vehicles, the codes won't apply and if someone keeps fighting against you, you can park them in RV storage until everything gets straightened out. I have taken all of this into consideration. Since our land is considered 'recreational land', we're considering the 'wheeled' approach, butr very well may just say 'screw your building codes sucka!'. we'll see

Have I sold you on the idea yet? Go ahead. Google it. You know you want to. . .

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  1. I think they are awesome. Here's a cool link for all the nay-sayers.