Friday, February 19, 2010

composting toilets/outdoor showers, and bobcats, oh mY!

I completed the composting/sawdust toilet awhile ago. Having not finished the outdoor solar shower yet, I moved the toilet into my studio so it can be used in meanwhile. I like to do things onthe cheap. That means it sometimes takes a a long while to complete projects because I don't want to have to BUY new materials. I scour freecycle, craigslist and roadsides looking for the things that I need. THAT is why the shower isn't completed. But I did figure there are some things around here that aren't reaaaaalllly being used that can be repurposed and so be it.. So I may get into a little bit of trouble when Lover gets home and our bamboo bed fram is gone (I preferred our mattresses to be on the floor anyway and I am the one WHO BUILT the bamboo be din the first place so can take it apart if I wish!). She may be a little peeved that one of her horse corral panels is missing ( She isn't using it anyway, she bought new ones). She doesn't get my crunchy, feminist, environmental frugalism AT ALL. HOw did we end up together? ;0) She could probably write a book on all the fluffy bunny tree hugger crap she's forced to put up with and go on a book tour with Sarah Palin.

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