Sunday, March 7, 2010

TICK-TOCK-TICK-TOCK- the baby clock

THAT would be the sound of my biological clock tick tick ticking away. Lover and I have discussed my having a baby many times the end result is always "later". We'll talk about it 'later', we'll worry about it 'later' and we'll persue it 'later'. Well, my 30-something baby clock is now saying, now IS later. So we agreed on a 2 year wait. The reasoning on her end is she wants our house to be finished first, so I agree and said that was good for me. By then, the boys will both be in school, B full time, and M part time (he'll be 5 then). So I will have more time to spend with the baby. I know there is no gaurantee i'll actually get pregnant, and we won't have the money for private adoption. We both decided we didn't want to deal with social services again for fost/adopt. SO- In the meantime. I'm staying positive that this will come to fruition and celebrating the countdown by starting my baby stash. I did this before we got B too. About a year before we even decided to adopt. He fit everything I made except for the cloth diapers which I made for a newborn (gave them to a friend who had a baby). Who know, maybe our house will be finished before the 2 years is up ;0)

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