Friday, February 19, 2010

the latest 'Amber Taylor' original

It gets hot here... super hot. So I decided to make myself a nice thin summer slip dress. It was intended to be an A-line, most flattering on any figure, but I chose to put the A-line in front instead of the sides and leave the pointed hem, instead of trimming it off. As a result, it fits fine, but is more full in the fron and back than on the sides. I like it, but it would look much better on a pregnant woman. SO- if there are any size 8/9 pregnat women out there, this is my gift to you!! Just email me and i'll send it to you for free. P.s Its gored in the back and has a gathered bust, so it will 'grow' with you

Much Love, Amber

P.S.S No, I didn't use a pattern.
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