Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some Day

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So A little while ago, my partner and bought some property in Wonder Valley,Ca. Don't feel bad, nobody else has heard of it either. Its a small, rural desert town, in the middle of nowhere near 29 Palms. Its a popular spot for artist retreats and hikers, being minutes away from the famed Joshua Tree National Park. This tiny podunk town is littered with 5 acre plots of dilapidated cabins that were primarily built by homesteaders in the 1920s and 30's. We bought one of those historic, sad, ghosts of a cabin in hopes of restoring it and living there. During the summer the temps average temp is around 112 degrees but can get as high as 125. For that reason, a second, small home will be necessary because while I AM that tough, my partner is not a heat tolerant reptile, such as myself. The only way I could convince her to go eco-sustainable on the housing was to go with this shipping container idea, that she liked. The cabin that's there is only about 200sf and isn't big enough for our family of 6 (2 dogs included). For now, we are on the 5 year plan. I'm having a lot of fun designing landscaping, greywater systems to treat that landscaping and property layout. I wish to include solar power (only logical in the desert, right?), a wind turbine, and several 'earth bag' outbuildings modeled after architecht Nader Khalili's designs, which are already approved for that county.

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