Thursday, November 5, 2009

For not being very domestic . . .

WARNING: the following post is full of showboating, bragging, gloating, tooting my own horn,patting myself on the back, and ego stroking.. you've been warned ;0)

Hot Damn!

In the past 3 weeks I have knitted a second dog sweater, completed 2 kiddy Hallowe'en costumes, made a rag doll, made a waldorf style doll from an old t-shirt, sewn an apron (and mailed it in the same week!),made 6 hula hoops (5 for the boys and one for mylself), refashioned one of Braves outfits, hand carded my fleece from Lamby, sewn an apron and hero cape for Braves birthday, baked a b-day cake and cupcakes for his b-day, baked a pumpkin cake from scratch, made whole wheat popovers, made pumpkin bread, salt dough ornaments with the boys, Made a friggin awesome turkey meatloaf, lasagna with home made whole wheat noodles, and read a bloody damn book! WOW! I am feeling so rad today its not even funny!I know to some super-moms this is a drop in the bucket but to me, to ME, I might have well saved the friggin' world from eminant destruction or an alien invasion or seomthing.. You can't see me, but i'm doing a victory dance.. OH YEAH!

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