Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sustainable Desert Living

I am a Romantic, a dreamer. My head stays loftly floating in the clouds and my toes barely scrape the ground. Since I put my nomadic ways to rest and planted roots, i've wanted to live in a sustainable home in the desert. I don't know why the desert, its just a magical place to me. Its filled with old world mysticism. Maybe its because being a Southern California native, I have had so much exposure to the ways of the Native Americans who called this place home for so long. Anyway, I have journal I keep of the ideas I have and the components that will make up my dream. Here is a small list of ideas:
shipping container home, solar power, wind turbines, greywater recycling, watcher harvesting,composting toilet, solar water heater,earth berming, white roofing, earthbag structures, rocket stoves, outdoor kitchen w/cob oven, edible garden (desert variety plants), native plants garden,medicinal plant garden, attack llama (don't laugh!!!), classes to teach others how to live off grid inthe desert.. thats just a fiew ideas I have. Every time my foot falls to the earth, its stepping me in the right direction.One day, you'll come to this blog, and you'll see my efforts and feel my passion and breathe my happiness in. One Day.


  1. Kudos to you for wanting to live off the grid - I could not do it. ever.

  2. I need to find the link to my friend's website...they've started a community in Missouri-living completely off the land. Solar shower, composting toilets, hay buildings...

  3. That sounds great! Thats what I'm talking about!!