Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I've been wanting a crafting/sewing/knitting type tattoo for quite awhile now. I have a preference for all things cute and its been kinda hard nailing down the exact design that I want. I asked an artist friend to help me, so far her art is very cute but a little more comic book than I think I may like. I've also struggle with the location. I originally wanted a back peice but screwed that one up on tattoo whim with my spouse and now a large 'tramp stamp' of Hello Kitty's anatomically correct skeleton calls my lower back home. Then I was thinking "CALF!". I have thick calves, which makes for more tattoo space! But I hate my legs and don't necessarily want to draw attention to them (ha ha, get? D-r-a-w attention!!!) anyway- So my choices are my hip and my calf (i need to just get over myself). I also have an issue with size. something small and cute would be nice but I always go for kinda big and impressive.. Maybe I can do large if I go with my calf and small if I go with my hip? I need to figure it out because I am going next month ;0)

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