Monday, October 19, 2009

aprons, hero capes, and mulled wine, Oh My!!!

Wow- what a busy day! I finished up Braves b-day gifts for tomorrow. His liberace-esque cape, complete with monogram and lined in blue sequins (Sweet bajeebus I HATE HATE sewing sequined fabric! Anuone know any tricks?) and matching eye mask. I made a 'boy tote' for his goodies with an appliqued alien head. Now he doesn't have to carry around my small hello kitty purse. I finished his apron. I made a Halloween apron for Grammy Diane.. Out of any major ingredients to bake anything great, I decided to wing it. I used a sugar cookie recipe for the crust of the pie. Sliced up a couple apples and pears that were browning. Boiled them in pink wine with caramel and cinnamon. Poured into the cookie pie crust added granola on covered with remaining cookie pie crust and baked for 30 minutes. Actually, it came out wonderfully since I am a TERRIBLE baker. Added some brandy,port and lemon to the liquid I boiled the fruit in and VIOLA- mulled wine. I think i'll go drink it now...mmmmmmmmmmm.......

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