Friday, October 23, 2009

Death Car for This Cutie!

Wednesday, I went to my buddy's with the boys. I usually spend the night over there about once amonth because of the distance (about 80miles). The morning after I arrived, I started loading our stuff back in to my little economic hatchback. I opened the door, only to be smacked hard in the face by a stentch so strong it took everything I had not to turn green and pass the hell out. After coming to my senses, I frantically searched my vehicle for that which offended me, to no avail. My car smells like death. Eww. I know there is a dead animal in there somewhere but I can't find it. The stench is worse when I turn on the AC so I'm assuming its in the venting somewhere? Now, my spouse says its probably just a dirty diaper somewhere. ITS NOT!! I've worked with animals my whole adult life. I know what a dead animal smells like, man. I live in the desert. Its October and average day temps are still in the 90's. A couple weeks ago, a black tailed jack rabbit made a nest under the hood of the family mini van. While the rabbit evaded death by fan belt, my van did not. The rabbit chewed through this and that and had to be junked. I can only wonder is said rabbit took up residence in my little hatchback but honestly-i'm afraid to check. I do not want to lift my hood to find the half baked, viscerated remains of a poor little furry creature who chose to make its home in my car. Damnit!!! Until my spouse gets home. I will just have to wonder! Oh dear god, make the smell go away, I have errands to run!!!

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