Saturday, October 17, 2009

Baby-sitters and juggling

Good Morning! Today, I was supposed to be on a field trip for school, my school. I emailed my new sitter yesterday morning to confirm the time she needed to be at my house, which she had already agreen to 2 weeks prior when I booked her for that date. Well- I got a response email saying she moved to LA and couldn't make it. WTH!!! She could have told me oh.. I dunno... BEFORE she moved?!?!? So- I missed my trip. Not sure if the professor will let me make it up. She was my 4th sitter this year. My kids aren't that bad! One had a baby. One (our fav., moved to Colorado), one was chronically late so got fired, and now her.. Jeez Looooouise!!!! Anyway- since i'm sad that I missed my trip. I deserve a 'pep talk'. I'm thinking a trip to the craft store and a spin around me 'old studio. Sounds like some nice therapy to me, wouln't you agree? On another up note, "My Baby Rides The Short Bus" has finally been released and is available for purchase on Its a book about parenting special needs kids, written by parents from alternative family structures, or people that don't live in 'Stepford'. Pick it up!!!

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