Friday, February 10, 2012

Romance, an uncharacteristic craving

No. Its not because Valentine's day is just around the corner. Lover and I have a very happy anti v-day tradition of Chinese food and B rated horror flicks. Its magical to say this least.

No, this yearning for romance, which is usually NOT my thing, started with a pattern for hand knit lace gloves.

Those gloves sent me on a search for other romantic knits- which naturally led me to the pattern book entitled Romantic Knits.

What's romance without literature,  right? So along comes Jane Austen Knits. In high-school I had no appreciation for Austen, preferring horror and fantasy novels above all else ( not much has changed). I'm not sure if I want to go back and reread the Austen books again, but I did enjoy the english mini series Lost In Austen, and the pattern book did bring to mind the great brooding Mr. Darcy.

And when I awoke this morning, what was gracing my television screen but Becoming Jane. It had many of my favorite actors, a forbidden romance, wardrobes to make any costume obsessed fashionista swoon. It had all those things that I love. But what got me the most was the Austens country home.

They had Shetland sheep grazing in the pasture, pigs happily rooting in mud. And her mother was digging out potatoes with a pitch fork. In a dress.

And after all the beautiful farminess the days would end with poetry readings, piano playings, and glorious galas where the evenings were danced away with good wine and hidden flirtations.

I have to say I can't stop smiling or fantasizing about the splendidness of it all ( excluding the blatent sexism toward the fairer sex).

I find myself wanting to dawn ankle length layers of silk and chiffon.  White gloves and sun bonnets.

And, quite opposite that, a hugely pregnant belly, hunched over on a stool milking goats in the sun, listening to the soft clucking of the chickens as the scratch around for morsels of the insect variety.

I think I need a romantic life. I'm not talking hallmark movie channel specials and cliche chocolate and greeting cards- Nor am I speaking of expensive art purchases from that particular period.

I'm talking about following dreams, living life to the fullest, and doing so while looking fabulous and eating French pastries by candlelight .

( peonies ,silver tea sets and love letters aren't that bad either)

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