Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthday goodness

I had a fabulous birthday weekend and made out like a bandit!  I've been meaning to get some decent pics before writing this post buts that's not going to happen so this is it!

I spent Saturday with some friends going to yard sales and scored BIG TIME. I got several vintage aprons. My favorite is a yellow and white gingham with hand smocking. GORGEOUS.  I also received a bunch of potted plants that the moving homeowners gave away for free, my favorite 4 letter word! ( well, my other favorite 4 letter word, which also starts with F. Trying to cut back on dropping that bomb though!).

The fun shopping spree ended with a breakfast at Mimi's,  a French themed restaurant ( though there food s NOT French at all. Weird).
On Sunday I continued my thrifty shopping spree with a trip to the local flea market where I got a cute little hobnail milk glass vase. Did I mention the yarn? I got yarn too. Unfortunately I'm 4 skeins short for the intended project. I haven't decided if I want to go ahead with it and order 4 skeins online, or use the yarn for a different project. Perhaps tomorrow I'll post pics of the yarn and the two projects in question and let you decided..

P.s spent a bit on books too. To use my new favorite saying, I'm happier than a buzzard in a gut truck ; -)

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