Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chicken hoop coop

I'm adding 5 more chickens to my flock on Tuesday so their previous abode would not do.

There was already a pen on the grounds when we moved here. Its a very sturdy welded rebar pen measuring 14 by 14. The side are chain link and are buried down into the ground so stuff can't dig in
Moneys tight and my property isn't fenced. What's a gal to?

I really liked the mobile coop hoop designs that are popping up everywhere. But that's not safe here out in the open. So I just took the basic principles and added the hoop to the top of the existing structure. The pen had a rebate divider down the center so now There's a duck side and a Chicken side. Eventually I will have the regular mobile hoop house for them but This will do for now.
Its not complete.  I still need to tarp it. I still need nesting boxes. The pink 5 gallon buckets are substitutes for now. ( they'll be 5 of them raised up off of the ground with a barrier in from to keep eggs from rolling out). Each end had two Welded wire panels attached to each other and folded over ( livestock panels aren't readily available here).

I didn't have enough panels to cover the whole thing so I used pex pipe and bamboo to support the over laying chicken wire in the center

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