Friday, June 17, 2011

a new use for duct tape

I love duct tape. Doesn't everyone? I regularly find new uses for it. I've even used it, successfully I might add, to "wax"/ groom my eyebrows!

Today's use? Removingteeny tiny itchy cactus needles from my kids hand. We have beavertail cactus everywhere. Its needles are fine and hairlike. You don't feel them going in, but they work their way under your skin and itch for days.
Despite multiple daily reminders over the years, my son still touches them regularly.

Enter duct tape. Rather than spend what was sure to be an excruciate 30 minute torture fest removing about a hundred microscopic needles with tweezers, I put duct tape over the afflicted spots, rubbed it to make sure they stuck, the quickly pulled it off. I had all the needles out in about one minute and my son didn't even complain. Man I love duct tape.

Its magic. Especially this one.
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