Friday, May 20, 2011

crafting for critters

At present in my living room is a rather large box full of baby stuff for a baby I have yet to even try to conceive. Poking out of the top were a couple unfinished bibs.

I took them out and stared at them. The shape wasn't too far off from a simple dog shirt. After pondering a bit more, the dog shirt shape wasn't very far off from that of a shirt for a tiny, premature goat kid.

The result? Several unfinished baby bibs are now the beginning of a goat wardrobe. Now I understand Orchid isn't out of the woods yet, but the clothes are for more than just her.

Winter goat babies benefit from a sweater or to to help regulate their body temps. Orchid is quite small for her breed, having come early so is benefiting as well.

When Supermodel, my lamancha, kids this coming winter I'll be prepared!
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