Monday, March 7, 2011

Who Needs Prozac?

I've struggled with depression my whole life. The one reliable cure for me is to create. Because of that, I made a pledge to myself that I will do one crafty thing every day. Its more entertaining than swallowing a pill and it brings an instant smile to my face. The only negative side effect I'd the shrinking bank account and storage space.....which I can live with.

It did for a time become a problem however. I would get do caught up in projects everything else I. My life would get neglected! I've had to now out restrictions on myself. I try This limit my crafting to 2 hours a day ( I try to limit my reading to two hours a day too....).

Today's craftiness will manifest itself in the form of cataloging my yarn and needles, and organizing my fabrics. Yes its actually CLEANING … Do you remember on Duck Tales how Uncle Scrooge used to swim in his money vault? Just imagine me doing that, only with fiber ; -D
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