Tuesday, March 8, 2011

progression of the sleeveless hoodie

Somewhere down the line I repeated a row and sort of screwed up. Unless your Super Knitter, you probably wont see this giant glaring error. However- an error that I just found that IS super noticeable is there, on the left side, my stitch marker somehow got moved over one stitch to the left ( which explains the odd number of stitches I keep having to correct in the center panel. A real knitter would be appalled by such a blantant disregard for yarn and the art and craft that is knitting and would frog -frog - frog to correct this erroneous eyesore. *I* onto the said hell know. I'm not taking this thing apart again. Its my first attempt at any sort of lace work. And while its worsted weight and fairly simple, I'm giving myself a pat on the back for even attempting it. Not to mention the lace panel is not in the original Hoodie pattern.
So there you have it. And here it is. P.s isn't that color AMAZING?
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