Thursday, August 19, 2010

My kid's only happy when he's breaking things

Whenever there is that 'sweet jesus, not again' moment in my life, it is usually accompanied by the sound of a crash/bang, followed by either cries or joyous laughter. And I always cringe. Over the past two years, Mace has broken 4 windows, a couch, two beds, an armoir, a table, 2 screen doors, fence railing, a tricycle and a chiminea. This does NOT include the countless toys, baskets and buckets (that the toys are supposed to go in).

He likes to jump on things. A lot. Which is how he broke most of the listed above items. The windows he busted out with a hobby horse, one time he through a large metal firetruck at one. I just caught him jumping on my very old, sun damaged wicker patio set (which is in my livingroom because I refuse to buy NEW furniture to replace the stuff he broke). He was jumping from one chair to the fragile table, inches away from a floor to ceiling window.

I know he needs more attention- but I just can't give him the amount that he wants. When would I knit? or Sew? Or bathe or pee? When would I clean the house? In the 1 1/2 hours he sleeps during the day? After 10pm when he goes to bed? I am counting down the days til this kid can go to preschool and maybe a tumbling class, baseball, soccer... anything.

On an up note, I spent yesterday upscycling mens t-shirts . Good times.

I'm going to go make sure my boy isn't breaking anything.

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