Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Damn this Pregnancy Brain!!!

I am NOT pregnant yet. Haven't even started trying yet ( come oooooooon January!!). But it is still constantly on my mind... and I do mean constantly. I'm knitting and sewing all these adorable little baby things for a child that won't be here for probably 2 YEARS ( best case scenario- 7 months from now for first IUI, then 9 months from there- but most don't get knocked up the first time sooo). I break out my yarn, intent on knitting up some X-mas gifts, like pot holders, or scarves or something quick. But when I look at my project several hours later, its a newborn sized raglan sweater, or a pair of no-scratchies for little baby hands. ARGH!! I think it is safe to say it has become an obcession. I know the day will come when I walk into the clinic for my consulation, and picking out sperm, and doing the nasty with a giant,cold, stainless steal speculum, but MAN O' MAN January just can't come fast enough. I originally started making baby things because I wanted to feel like I was being proactive in the mean time. BUT I can't really make clothes because I don't know when i'll be preggo and I live in the desert so my options are limited. I have made some things though. I'm working on an outfit right now that looks reeeeeeally smal (are newborns really that tiny? my boys were adopted at 3 weeks and 11 so I don't remember how little the new ones are!1).

Anyway- baby brain is cutting into my general thought processes.

p.s i'm doing a happy dance. My BFF is coming in from AZ tonight!!!

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  1. I can soooo relate to having baby-brain even when not pregnant! I have so many projects happening in many areas of my life that I need to work on but time and again I return to making things for the baby I do not yet have. Like you say, it's a way of being proactive in the meantime and setting the energy in motion. :)

    Have a great time with your BFF tomight!!!