Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Knitting and reading and moew knitting and hair pulling and frogging. . .

So, I went to Craft Store to buy some circ needles. I left with a couple skeins of yarn, a free pattern tear out 'Hug me pullover' by stitch nation and some size 2 needles. I got home and as usuaaly notice I din't buy what I went in for.. anyway, I started kntting away. It seemed to be a bit more complicated of a pattern than I'm used to dealing with but I was getting through it. Then I noticed it was an 'intermediate level' pattern. HotDamn I was proud of myself, peice of cake it was!!! Until I got to the sleeves. I frogged my sleeve twice. There is a part of the patter that I feel isn't very well written. I'm not very sure what its asking me to do. anyway, may rippits and explatives later, I packed said pattern and project away for a later day and decided to start a niiiiice simple slipper with sock yarn on 2s for the baby that I don't have.. Its someposed to be a simple pattern anyway. We'll see

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