Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm NOT green, I'm Not crunchy

Okay, so my 'title description' says i'm a little green and crunchy. But here is the thing: I'm really not. I don't refashion/recycle clothes because its anti consumerist or better for the planet. I do it because i'm cheap, and its fun. I don't own a dryer because the sun does the work for free. I recycle water and use composting toilets because, in my opinion, its dumb not to. Sorry, but thats how I feel. I live in the desert, its a very precious natural resource. Not to mention, we haul our own water, it doesn't come from the city to our tap. So the less we use, the less trips we have to make. I DO shy away from chemical cleaners for environmental reasons. When you have a greywater system watering your treess, bleach down the drain isn't such a grand idea. So there you have it. I am green and I am crunchy. However, its because to me, its the logical and practical way to live. Did I mention I was cheap? Its a cheaper way to live. Sure if your 'greenwashed' and buy things with the 'green blah blah' label, you're probably paying a bit more. But I don't because i'm a cheap ass. Lover just traded her truck for a dually deisel. I bet you can tell where this is going. . .

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