Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the Ebbs and Flows, deciding to go with the flow part

Yesterday I was very stressed, sad, and angry about the possibility of losing a dream. I couldn't see the positive. I could not get past the feelibng of betrayal and loss of security. We we planning on moving to a property we bought in the high desert this September, i've mentioned it once or twice. Yesterday, I found out we may lost that property to expansion of a nearbye military base, along with 70,000 acres of additional privately owned homes and properties. So for now, we can't build. We won't know for sure if the proposal goes though until July of 2011. Obviously, we don't want to invest our time and money into building something thats going to be torn down shortly after. This is the second time this has happened to us. But today, I had an enlightened moment. I was able to see things a bit more clearly. We were going to be living in an RV while the building was taking place. We can STILL live in our RV on the property until Big Brother kicks us off, should they do so. We can still save money in the mean time to buy something else later. We can still follow another dream I had, living in an RV traveling the states for a couple of years. This was never Lovers plan, never her dream. But it is an option. So I can't build right now. So what. even having 'nothing' by American standards, is more than what many DO have, here and in other countries. I will not be a whiny cry baby about it. I will ADJUST my thinking. Either way, everything will turn out the way is was meant to. I've lived in a small travel trailer before. It was the simplist and happiest part of my life so far (besides the adoption of our boys). so to this- I give the finger to negativity. I embrace the new option the fates have thrown my way, and I embrace them with a smile on my face. ;o)

Cheers to the future!!

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  1. When you start traveling you HAVE to come to Virginia and see me :)
    Hopefully things will work out and you'll either get to keep your land or you'll be reimbursed enough that you'll be able to do something else.