Friday, November 20, 2009

Mourning the Morning

I tried to enjoy the sunrise. I sat on the sofa, sipping my black coffee with peppermint floating lazily about. I watched as the sun's rays climbed their way over the mountain top, waiting to blanket my valley in heat and light. I breathed in the moment, for I knew it would not last. Soon came the drumming. The familiar sound of thudding growing louder as ten tiny feet decesended upon me. My Monster was awake, and he brought the dogs for back up. I was drenched by the caffeine fueled Tsumani that made its way out of my favorite cup, quickly followed by a Tsunami of profanities that escaped my lips without warning or intent. When next I looked out my window the slight pink brow of the horizon mocked me. It began fading as if to say "Ha Ha! You missed me again".


  1. I know how you feel. One of these days we'll get to see the sun rise again. And maybe a sunset. hugs...

  2. And one day, there will be no little feet, we won't miss the horizon...but we will miss the little feet.

  3. Me too, I know how you feel. Some days we just need a little sun and all we get is rain.